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          In the last 5 years Amazon’s popularity grew by a large margin and today millions of people worldwide use it to either buy or sell various products. In fact, many people use Amazon in order to send goods from China all the way to US / UK / Japan / Canada / Germany / Italy / France / EU .

          Shipping product from China to Amazon is probably one of the most common topics of interest among people who love and use Amazon. Fortunately, if you want to ship products from China to the FBA warehouse and sell it on Amazon, we can help.Shenzhen 218 International Logistics Co., Ltd can help ship your goods to any location in US / UK / Japan / Canada / Germany / Italy / France / EU and many other locations.

          Shenzhen 218 International Logistics Co., Ltd - representative Shenzhen shipping agent , has a dedicated professional team who has a lot of experience with Amazon FBA. Therefore, you can rest assured that no matter what you’d like to sell on Amazon, we can help you ship it from your location to your desired destination. Each aspect of the shipping process, whether it’s collecting the product, clearing customs or getting in touch with Amazon to have the goods shipped to their warehouses is going to be handled by our team.

          As a presentative of professional international shipping agent in Shenzhen , Shenzhen 218 International Logistics Co.,Ltd promise to provide our best air/sea/ocean/express/FBA shipping service according to customer's diiferent shipping requirements . So that both customers and our company can get double-win on the international shipments

      Shenzhen 218 International Logistics Co.,Ltd.

      Address : 1st Floor No.22,Fuhai Road,Fuyong Town, Baoan District,Shenzhen City,China

      Contact : Miss Hu

      Phone:+86(755)2930 9300

      Mobile:+86 1372550 7493

      Email: 1993231182@qq.com

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